Weight Loss

Does your pet have a weighty problem?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions below, or if you think your pet is not at its optimum body condition, you may want to talk to your veterinary staff about a professional weight management program and get your pet started on a healthy new life.

Weighty Questions (Y or N)

  • Do you have difficulty feeling your pet’s ribs?
  • Is there little or no ‘waist’?
  • Do you give your pet table scraps or left over’s?
  • Is your pet reluctant to exercise?
  • Does your pet seem to tire easily with activity?
  • Does your pet waddle when it walks?
  • Does your pet keep eating so long as there is food in the bowl?
  • Has your pet been desexed?
  • Have you been told your pet is overweight?
  • A solution to the problem

If your pet has a weight problem, (this includes being underweight) AVH has the solution for you. We offer a weight management program tailored to your pet, to help them reach and maintain their optimal body weight.

The inclusion of regulated exercise helps promote a total health focus for maximum benefit to your pet. The use of high quality veterinary diets means your pet will not miss out on any essential nutrients throughout their weight management program. For more information on the program or to make a booking, contact AVH.

Overweight pets are likely to:

  • Live a less active and shorter life
  • Be more prone to joint and mobility problems
  • Develop skin problems and a lower resistance to infection
  • Be at greater risk during surgery
  • Be disinterested in exercise and play
  • Contact Accuvet Veterinary Hospital for information on weight loss programs.